Technology Advances

Santa Maria del Popolo school believes the capabilities of strong technology within the classroom.  Within the last 3 years, the school focused efforts to deepen technology resources including incorporating interactive white boards into the classrooms and successfully performing one-to-one computing for the forth and fifth graders. 


Interactive Whiteboards & One-to-One Computing

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom provide a dynamic learning environment for Santa Maria del Popolo students.  Students interact directly with it - through movies, educational films, and interactive activities.  Further, students are exposed to newsflashes of upcoming events and reminders.  Coupled with traditional teaching methods, our children grow with the technology and not away from it.

One-to-one computing for the 4th and 5th graders is another technology benefit of SMdP School.  The upper grades are assigned a laptop for use at any point during the day.  They are dedicated to the students' individual learning and a key development point...preparing for the demand of higher education and careers.  The students prepared written essays and powerpoint presentations as a part of the in-class assignments.  Further work is done on keyboard practice and test taking.

Science Lab

Science is the exploration of the world around us.  At all levels, from preschool to 5th grade, students are taught observation and analysis skills to obtain and appreciate a deeper understanding of science.

All of the science units are inquiry based.  They are very
hands on, and student centered.  There is a problem posed to the
class, and then the students research the problem to help them
understand the information.  We do a variety of different types
of presentations throughout each unit, and incorporate math,
social studies, and writing into the units.  We are also
preparing the students to become great researchers.

In 4th grade, the life system of Monarch butterflies, ecosystems, and interdependence of ecosystems is investigated.  Butterflies are raised and a proposal outlined regarding Monarch Butterfly survival and the community.   Matter is also analyzed in its various states.  Many experience in the science lab and classrooms demonstrate the behavior of matter.

In 5th grade, energy is investigated, including different types.  Hands on activities and experiments demonstrating transformations are performed in the science lab.  Biomes are also covered.  The final unit introduces students to the solar systems and all of its mysteries.

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