Our Mission

Santa Maria del Popolo School is called by Santa Maria del Popolo Parish to provide an elementary education of excellence within a Catholic community that lives the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

Santa Maria del Popolo School is a Catholic educational community dedicated to promoting the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development of each student in an environment which fosters Christian values of peace, justice, and concern for others as taught in the Gospels. Santa Maria del Popolo School recognizes that parents are the primary educators and faith models for their children.  Together, school and home cooperate in the development of the whole child. Santa Maria del Popolo School affirms the uniqueness of each person and recognizes that the student learns best in an accepting and nurturing climate.


The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning and promote each student’s self-esteem and personal growth primarily by modeling Christian values and academic excellence.  With teachers and parents as role models, students are called to responsible membership in their Church and communities.  Consistent cooperation and mutual respect among parents, teachers, and students are essential for the successful accomplishment of the mission and goals of Santa Maria del Popolo School.

Our History

The original icon of Santa Maria del Popolo (St. Mary of the People) is displayed in the "Piazza del Popolo" in Rome. The church of St. Mary of the People has a long history. The original church was founded in 1100 by Pope Paschall II. Pope Gregory IX had the church enlarged to thank our Blessed Mother for her intercession after the terrible plague of 1231. Pope Gregory IX installed this miraculous icon which became known as "St. Mary of the People" for the community that grew up around the church.

The third archbishop of Chicago, George Mundelein, appointed December 9, 1915, was appointed Cardinal-Priest on March 24, 1924, by Pope Pius XI. His titular church in Rome was "Santa Maria del Popolo." After taking possession of his new church, he returned to Chicago and years later founded a new parish of the same name in Mundelein, a town named for him. An extra replica of this icon is presently above the altar in our Parish Chapel.

Santa Maria del Popolo School has served Mundelein and the surrounding communities for over sixty years. We are committed to and known for a tradition of academic achievement that is grounded in the values of Jesus Christ. Affirming the uniqueness of each child, we strive to promote the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of each student in context of an accepting and nurturing community. We seek out what is beneficial to the students we teach and retain those traditions that have served us well. We are a dedicated community that welcomes the tasks, opportunities and challenges of both the present and the future.

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