Value of a Catholic Education

Students in Catholic schools achieve higher than average scores on standardized tests such as the TerraNova or ACT.  We realize that test scores and awards are important measures of performance, but they can only tell part of the story. We are interested in how individual children are doing, and helping them succeed to the best of their abilities. In order to make sure every child has a chance of success, children have to learn more than facts and figures or how to do the kinds of problems that will appear on the next standardized test. They need to understand the underlying concepts in science and math. They need to be able to read, write, and discuss the ideas in literature and history texts. They need to be able to think about what they’re studying and how it connects to the things they’ve already learned and the world around them so they are prepared to meet the challenges of both today and tomorrow.

In order to make this possible, we have to create the right kind of academic environment. It takes individual attention from caring teachers, the involvement of engaged parents, and the example of other motivated students. If you want your child to learn more than the minimum required to score well on a standardized test, consider our approach to learning and find out more about the academic programs we have in place.

(...from the Office of Catholic Schools)

Faith Formation

Santa Maria del Popolo School offers a positive environment emphasizing the value of Catholic teachings in every day life.  All families are encouraged to attend Mass regularly, pray together, and discuss the value of their faith with their children.

Santa Maria del Popolo School children participate in religion as a part of daily studies.  In second grade, children prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion.  As fourth graders, the children celebrate All Saint's Day by studying and presenting their saint during the All Saint's Day Mass.  Finally, all fourth and fifth graders are invited to serve as altar servers.

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